2015 President’s Report

President’s Report 2015

I am pleased to hand down my President’s report following my move to the role when Ian Harris tendered his resignation as a result of his move in employment to Melbourne.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ian for his 5 years as our President. He was a hands on President and during his Presidency he presided over some significant changes and improvements to the running and management of our Golf Club. His expertise is sorely missed. We wish him good luck in his new work situation and know that we will have him back on the committee in a few years time.

This year has been another busy year for our club. We are lucky that we have such a willing group of volunteers who are out here working on the course, behind the bar, in the kitchen and in the office. I would like to acknowledge some of the activities and events that happened during my almost 9 months in the chair.

Our course has never looked better, the fairways, rough and most importantly the greens have been well cared for during the year by Bill Turner and his team of Les Plumbridge, Keith Fox, Garry Ritchie, Ossie Woodiwiss, Peter Florissen and with Ray Lowe providing the technical advice. The greens were verti drained as well as cored this year and the greens have become firmer and we have received a lot of positive comments about them from members and visitors. I would also like to acknowledge the assistance that Leigh Darcy has given us with our watering system. This year was a tough year for the team as they battled some very wet weather for a couple of months during the winter.

In December Bill Turner resigned from the Board due to ill health. He has done an amazing job as the Course Superintendent for a number of years and also as a member of our Board. He has been a tireless worker and spent most of his week on the course keeping it in tip top condition. Although not well at times he is still out here mowing the greens and assisting us in many ways with advice and assisting us with the spraying and watering system. We are in the process of reorganising and Mick Lee has taken on a co- coordinating role and is now the go to person in respect of the course. We cannot thank Bill enough for what he has done for our golf club.

During the year Kurt Davies and Leigh Trudgeon came onto the Board to fill a vacancy plus the vacancy following the resignation of Ian Harris. Kurt has taken on a new role, that of looking at course improvements and to that end he, together with Brett and Mathew Street have done significant work on designing a dam that will be situated in the gully on the 4th. We are hoping that it will be built in the next 6 months. We will also introduce the new tee bed on the 4th in coming months. This will provide a new challenge for us all and make us rethink how we play this hole. Leigh Trudgeon is about to take on the job of looking after our website and I wish him well with that.



Our Annual Tournament was a huge success and my thanks go once again to Terry Street who does a wonderful job of running this and the vets tournaments. They are much more difficult to run these days with the new handicap system. Thanks also to Terry’s helpers who assisted over the 3 days. A special mention also needs to go to Kurt Davies who this year obtained some great sponsorship for our tournament from outside of George Town. We had great prizes for the women’s and men’s events. All clubs always hit local businesses for sponsorship and it was good that we moved away from that this year still recognising the local assistance we get at other times of the year.

The Vets numbers are dwindling with a smaller contingent now travelling to other vets tournaments. However, our annual vet’s tournament continues to attract a large field (91 this year) and I would like to acknowledge the work of Terry Street and his small team of Glen Johns, Ben Bishop., Kerry Dodge, Ossie Woodiwiss Kurt Davies and Robbie Johns in running the tournament and arranging sponsorship. I would also like to acknowledge the work of Annette Bryan and her small team of ladies who provide meals for the N E vets and Vets tournament and also the Egg Cup.  Also our thanks to Elle and the ladies who provide lunch at our annual open tournament.

Security is a big problem for us due to our location. Last year was no different to 2013 as we had 2 break-ins in the machinery shed. One in June the other in October. We are still working with our insurance Company on the claim. We have made some changes to improve the security of our equipment. These are costly as it not only costs the club to increase security and the excess we have to pay before we recover any losses but also the increase in insurance premiums the following year because we are an insurance risk.

This year we had a review of our costs and expenditure with the view of keeping our membership fee the same as in the last couple of years. Our income was down a little on previous years mainly due to the smaller fields we were getting on Saturdays and in particular the smaller fields due to the wet weather where we had to close some holes and the loss of green fees during this period. As a result we looked at the expenditure side of the balance sheet and made a couple of changes that will save us money going forward. One of these changes with a payback in 3.5 years was the installation of a 5kW Solar panel system on the flat roof to offset some of the power we use for running the cool room. We are already seeing the benefit of this in our 2015 Aurora accounts. My thanks to Leigh Darcy in providing a lot of advice on the selection of the final quote.

I would like to thank Robbie Johns for taking on the Golf link handicap system. He updates the scores before presentations each Saturday so our handicaps are updated as quickly as an automated system.

I must congratulate Jason Davidson and his Div 6 Pennant team (which I was thrilled to be a part of) in winning the Div 6 northern title.

I would like to thank Peter Florissen for all the work he does behind the bar and the ordering of the bar supplies.

Last year the number of lady members of our club hit an all-time low. I am pleased to see that we have 4 new members this year to now take their total up to 11. Our ladies continue to do a wonderful job catering at our tournament and assisting where they can. I would like to thank Annette Bryan for the work she has taken on to look after the catering for the veteran’s events.

I would like to also to congratulate all the Club champions

Membership has remained at