We’re Back!!.. Sort of :)

COVID 19 viris note Kurt TERRY 18th MAY[1013]

                  George Town Golf Club

New competition changes to comply with the

new COVID-19 State Govt. regulations

commencing 18th May 2020.


Following the latest update from the Federal and State Governments, Golf Australia

and Golf Tasmania we can now recommence competition golf effective today.

However, we will have to make a number of adjustments to the way we play our

game and socialise to comply with the new set of regulations.


  1. WE WILL REVERT TO A 3 PLAYER GROUP, as we normally do in winter.
  2. The competition book will remain in the clubhouse. When signing in please observe

    the SOCIAL DISTANCING regulations.

  1. Competition fees are to be placed in an envelope as normal.
  2. Remember SOCIAL DISTANCING when on the tee and on the putting surfaces.
  3. Please place your score card in the score card box.
  4. Only one person per golf cart but you can have 2 golf bags on the cart.
  5. All flag sticks are to remain in the hole.
  6. Bunker rakes will not be used. If the ball in the sand trap is in a poor lie, then

   the ball can be placed in the sand trap close to where it previously lay.

  1. DO NOT drink out of the water bubblers on the 1st and 4th holes. 

10. NO ball washers are to be used.


Takeaway food will be available as usual as well as our bar facilities. We are   

allowed to have only 10 in the clubhouse observing the social distancing rules.


There will be NO presentations at the end of the day. Trophies can be collected the

following Saturday or at a time suitable for the winners. Results will continue to be

published on Facebook and in the sports section of The Examiner.




Remember to wash your hands regularly and use the sanitiser that is available.



Kurt Davies

Terry Street

 David Painter


Welcome all

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